Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic Men's Watch

In 2008, a watch company was created, Prometheus Watch Company. This company is ran by a man who wanted to have his dream come true.

That man is Carlos Carvalho that brought to life a dream he had. To create his very own watch brand.

The watch brand is Prometheus and today it is a growing business which is known for its diver watches. Carlos Carvalho is a Portuguese citizen who came up with a men’s automatic watch that is used for underwater diving and opened the first online store for a watch brand in www.facebook.com.

His first true diver watch was the Ocean Diver; the first version of the Ocean diver wasn’t the need for a high-quality product. It was salable but, it was not what the Prometheus Company wanted, so they started over again.

New suppliers and contractors were hired so the Prometheus watch brand company could make its final result for all of the people that a promise was made to, to produce an affordable Swiss Made watch with a good design that people competed for being Brian F. Green the designer of the watch.

Although delayed, the promise was kept and the men’s automatic diving watch called the Ocean Diver was complete.

Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic Men's Watch
Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic Men’s Watch

The Ocean Diver watch is known for its look it is nothing really fancy but that is proficient and looks good. This watch reminds you of the 1950s-1960s when underwater diving was great explorations just like space, mysterious but intriguing at the same time. The men’s automatic watch is made of high-grade steel with a bead blasted finish while also having a precision cut case that has a lot of really nice details. The bezel is notched like an underwater vessels’ porthole window there are 2 crowns both do not need to be sealed like other diving watches. The watch will be good up to 300 meters deep underwater, and with a 42mm wide case it feels small on your wrist and doesn’t appear too large.

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