When buying online a person needs to be careful not to buy into a product that turns out to be a scam. One of the most popular types of scams is when you see a picture of an item, take for instance buying online watches, you see the pictures of watches that look great. After you decide to purchase a watch you see and it is delivered to you, you then realize that the watch is a knock-off. There are some things you can do that may prevent this from happening to you like:

Look closely at the watch that is in the picture to make sure there is no variation in the brand name’s watch compared to this website’s watch that is supposed to be the same.

Before you make the purchase send the person selling the item a email, in the email ask the person if the picture they show is the actual watch. Then proceed to tell them that if the watch you get doesn’t look exactly like the one in the picture that you will call your credit card company immediately and tell them that the item you purchased is not the item that you were supposed to get and that you have been ripped off, and they will cancel the purchase.
If you notice that while using this website when you send an email to the person that they either do not respond right away or they are not professional in their response that this website should be avoided.

When purchasing the item with a credit card make sure that it has 100% fraud protection. Do not make a payment by Western Union, bank wires, or a money order. If you use your credit card make sure that if you do not receive your watch that you get your money back.

  • Get a money back guarantee
  • Check in watch forums for reputation of seller
  • Check in Google for the feedback of seller
  • Use paypal or a credit card for your purchase

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