Prometheus Watch Company December Charity Sales

Prometheus Watch Company December 2013 Charity Sales

Help us Help Others Prometheus Watch Company December 2013 Charity Sales From December 1st 2013 till December 31st 2013 ALL purchases made in period will contribute to charity. A €30.00 (approx $40.00 USD) Charity Donation will be made to NGO Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (Portuguese League Against Cancer) with each purchase! All of us at Prometheus […]

How to remove screws from prometheus sailfish bracelet

How to change bracelet / remove links of the Prometheus Sailfish

Just a friendly word of caution about changing the strap on your brand new Prometheus Sailfish. The lug screws and bracelet screws have been secured in place using a tiny amount of Loctite on the threads, so please read the information below carefully before you proceed: PLEASE – Only attempt to unscrew the lugs if […]

Prometheus Sailfish Photos Taken at Factory During Assembly

Factory has just taken some photos of the Prometheus Sailfish during assembly and QC check. Photos do not do it justice but we can already have an idea on how watches look like. Photo of the entire Prometheus Sailfish collection with the four different color combinations: blue dial/blue bezel, black dial/black bezel, yellow dial/black bezel, […]

Prometheus Sailfish Drilled Lugs

Prometheus Sailfish Update After Prototype

After analyzing prototype of the Prometheus Sailfish we decided to make some changes where we thought best. The yellow dial version will be darker in order to increase readability. To make easier changing straps and bracelet we have also decided to drill lugs of the Prometheus Sailfish case. Besides making it easier to change straps will also make […]

Prometheus Sailfish Prototype Blue Dial

Prometheus Sailfish – Prototype Photos

November 2013 Update: The Prometheus Sailfish is now Available for Purchase at our Store We have just received the prototypes of the Prometheus Sailfish. We are overly pleased with results with some minor details to be sorted prior to mass production. Namely the bracelet end link is still not OK and has to be improved […]

Prometheus RLJ02 Bauhaus Watch Project for Relojistas.com

Prometheus RLJ02 Bauhaus Watch Project for Relojistas.com

We would like to share with you our new watch project. The Prometheus RLJ02 Bauhaus Watch Project for Relojistas.com. Project is based on SII Time Module movement NE20 and dial will be based in two different options: white ivory dial color and a dial in black color