How to Care for Your Men’s Automatic Watch

A men’s automatic watch is more popular than manual wound ones but less than quartz or digital watches. Because you don’t need to wind these watches everyday they were more well liked, they wind themselves by using a persons’ body movements. Kinetic energy is what this is labeled as, with each action of moving your […]

The Understanding of Batteries in Men’s Non Automatic Watches Non Mechanical Watches

There are several different types and sizes of watch batteries, some batteries are known as watch batteries when in fact they are used for other things like hearing aids because they resemble a watch battery. More varieties of men’s automatic batteries for watches have been developed in recent years because of an environmental concern of […]

Different Battery Types Used for non Automatic or non Mechanical Men’s Watches

There are many different types of watch batteries available in market, especially for watches. Some of those batteries are very expensive, while others are not. Some require another person to replace the battery while most you can do yourself if you know how. The different types of batteries that are used or were used in […]

Men’s Automatic Watches vs Watches Made of Quartz

Technologies of all kinds keep advancing over the years, especially timepieces. We have come all the way from a large brass or iron pendulum type of time piece that was worn around a persons’ neck to a solar powered watch. Some of the watches that still stay current are men’s automatic watches and quartz watches. […]

How a Men’s Automatic Watch Compare to a Manual Wound One

A men’s automatic watch is also referred to as a self-winding watch, this type of watch is a mechanical watch because it mainspring inside of the watch is wound automatically through the natural motions that the wearer happens to make by moving his wrist while wearing the watch. This lets the energy from that motion […]