Water Resistance in Men’s Automatic Diving Watches

Men’s automatic watches can vary a lot, specially when it comes to a diver watch. Certain brand name watch companies may say that they have diving watches that are water resistant anywhere from 100-4000 meters. Any watch suitable for diving is able to assist you in recreational scuba diving. Safe diving limits are 130 feet […]

Automatic Men’s Watches Designed for Diving Activities

People tend not to think of a watch as something they need as part of their equipment when going out diving. In truth though dive watches help people to know the information they need in order to be diving safely. The information provided by an automatic men’s watch suitable for diving includes things like, determining […]

Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic Men's Watch

Prometheus Watch Company History in the World of Automatic Watches

Prometheus is best known as being a Greek Titan who also was a benefactor of mankind. He was the one who gave fire to mankind. He did this by defying Zeus, who didn’t want humans to have any sort of power. He took some of the fire that came from Zeus’ lighting and gave it […]

John Harwood First Automatic Watch Movement

How the First Automatic Watch Worked

John Harwood was the man who pioneered the automatic men’s watch, he always had a goal to create something that was better than the original watch. One day he knew how he could create this watch; the idea came to him by watch a few kids playing on a see-saw. From this, he decided on […]

John Harwood first automatic men's watch

History of the First Automatic Men’s Watch

The first automatic men’s watch was made back in the early 1920’s by a pioneer named John Harwood. John Harwood was a soldier in the first World War and also was an English watchmaker. His dream was to make a better and newer model of a watch which then put him into the history of […]