You can find online watches of any brand from the most expensive and luxurious to the cheapest and not the best looking. They have all different styles and types of watches online. Antiques of any kind are a big commodity, even antique watches.

There are 2 broad categories for watches, pocket watches, which, were available, to workingmen in the second half of the 19th century and wristwatches which became popular around 1920. A watch is appraised on its condition, the maker, the quality, the functioning, and any extra features. To get an appraisal on a watch you can go online.

If you go online and you look up watch appraisals in a search engine, like yahoo, along with your zip code or region where you live you can locate an expert who will be able to do a proper appraisal. You can also go to the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) website to find a list of dealers that offer appraisals. For the most part if the appraisal only takes a few minutes they may not charge to do it, if there is a technical issue they may charge you for doing a full review of what the problem is.

Another thing you can do to get an appraisal online for your antique watch is to go to a search engine and look up watch appraisals + forums. There will be a long list of forums that offer free appraisals and advice. To get their appraisal you will need a high-resolution picture of your watch but this is a free service. The comments you receive may help to shed some light onto what you have.

The final way to get a watch appraisal online is to type online watch appraisals into the search engine of your choice, this will bring up a list of a number of professional online appraisal services. You need to submit a photo for this too, however, there is a $10 fee.

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