There are many different types of watch batteries available in market, especially for watches. Some of those batteries are very expensive, while others are not. Some require another person to replace the battery while most you can do yourself if you know how. The different types of batteries that are used or were used in men’s automatic watches consist of the following:

  • Mercury Batteries – these are the main type of cell for watches and have been used for over 50 years. They consider to be excellent batteries because they deliver a constant voltage, some batteries were specifically designed for this battery. But it has been banned in most countries now because of the environmental concerns, considering that mercury is a deadly poison.
  • Silver Oxide Batteries – these batteries have silver oxide cells that contain a higher energy than a mercury cell, rated at 1.62 volts. They have no harmful chemicals and are used in most watches now because they also have a constant voltage throughout their lifetime.
  • Lithium Batteries – these are known as coin cells because they resemble a coin. These batteries are rated at 3.0 volts and are used in only lithium-manganese dioxide watches.
  • Alkaline Batteries – These batteries are inexpensive, because of its short lifespan and non-constant rate of voltage. They have a chemistry rating of 1.5 volts. Most free watches and toy watches contain this type of battery because they are environmentally safe and as said before they are also inexpensive.
  • Zinc Air Batteries – These are not watch batteries, but are named as them. They are found on the racks with the watch batteries even though they are typically used in hearing aids. These are not compatible with watch batteries because they must be vented on the outside of the battery in order for it to work. Water is possible to be ejected from this battery which would not work for a watch battery because any water damage would ruin the watch.

The good thing about automatic watches is that you don’t have to care about replacing battery as the watch is self-powered with movement.

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