There are over 14 different basic features your men’s automatic watch case can have. The case is the front cover of the watch. This area displays the time and possibly the date depending on the type of watch. Some of these features include:

  • The bezel that holds the protective crystals in place some watches have bezels that rotate for timing purposes. Calculations can be done on watches with more tan one bezel or numeric scale.
  • The analog display it what is you to tell time these are non-digital. This is when you see a dial that has more than 1 hand rotating around it with numbers or number markers. These are usually found on dress watches, but all styles have an analog display. Other watches that are kinetic, light powered, or mechanical also are most likely to have an analog display.
  • One of the most popular features you can get on a men’s automatic watch is a calendar. You can find any style of watch with a calendar. These calendars can display the date or day and date.
  • One feature that most people that like moving outdoors like is to have a compass, with a compass built into your watch it makes going on a walk on a safer if you are on unfamiliar ground. The magnetic needle that is on the watch points to the north.
  • A chronograph is a feature that acts as a stopwatch, it measures and records time. Then that time is displayed in a small dial or analog box which can be accessed by touching a button.
  • Crystal is the clear material that covers the watch face, they can be scratch resistant, non-reflective, or sapphire crystals (these are light weight, durable and scratch resistant)
  • Digital displays show the numbers on a LCD or LED screen instead of by hands on a clock.
  • A tachymeter allows a person to calculate the speed of travel, these are uncommon and usually found in a flight-style watch.

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