Diving watches have many different features and designs, especially considering that every watch brand has a diving watch as one of their pieces in their large or small collections of watches. You can choose from many different men’s automatic watches because there are so many, but what kind of features should you get with your new watch?

There are three important features that you should know when buying a diving watch.

The first is what the water-resistance level, because you do not want to find out while you’re diving in water that your watch will not function anymore.

The second thing you will want to know about a men’s automatic diving watch is how much pressure the watch can be under. The third thing to know is if the watch shows your elapsed time while underwater, this is a critical piece of information because without it you may not remember when you went into the water and if you stay in too long you are at a high risk of something bad happening.

Some features of a men’s automatic diving watch that you may like to have are a long strap or expanding band so when you have to put your watch over your wet suit it isn’t too tight. You may also choose to get a watch that is either self wind or solar powered.

The self wind powered or automatic moved is featured in some mechanical watches and solar power is featured in some digital watches. These are nice because they save on the battery replacements.

You may also choose to have illumination on your watch so you can read your watch whether you are diving in daytime or nighttime. These are only found on digital or computer watches. Mechanical watches do not have this feature but have glow-in-the-dark hands and dials and some models also come with self-luminating tritium tubes.

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