A man’s automatic watch can have many different features; these features can be based of many things, like the clock’s face, the band, the watches’ components, etc. There are so many different watch companies that offer different features.

Take, for example, the type of band you get, you can have bands of these types:

  • Bangle is a stiff watchband with slips or clasps on it, most women wear these.
  • Bracelet bands are metallic bands that fit loosely, like an ornamental band. These are used frequently by men and women.
  • Expansions are comfortable bands that have linked pieces of metal that expand to fit your wrist.
  • Leather bands are durable, comfortable, and they give a casual look.
  • Metallic bands contain a lustrous metal.
  • Nylon bands are made of elastic synthetic fibers; these are made to be tough for recreational activities. They are often found on sports watch bands.
  • Open-Link bands are made of stainless steel for the most part with a fold-over buckle as its clasp; there are many styles and varieties to select from so it can be used as a fashion and dress watch.
  • Resin bands are a lightweight compound that is transparent and tough; they are also popular in sports watches.
  • Rope bands are in a weaved style typically in an open-link band.
  • Wrap bands are made with Velcro, so they can easily be closed around the wrist.

This isn’t including the different kinds of components you can get for your men’s automatic watch. You can get a dual timer (dual time zones) for your watch. You can choose to have a power reserve indicator that allows you to see the amount of time your watch will last. Shock resistance is another feature you can add to your watch so that you can wear the watch and not have to worry about the watch being jarred from a vigorous activity. Quartz crystals can be put into your watch to help with the time accuracy.

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