All Prometheus Watch Company orders are placed either online at our online store , by contacting us via email address sales@prometheuswatch.com or by purchasing from one of our Authorized Dealers.

We understand that this does not offer our customers the opportunity to examine our watches before making a purchase. For this reason we offer a liberal, no questions asked, return policy.

Examine your watch for three days. If for any reason you are not satisfied, return it to us unworn with all packing materials and accessories, and you will recieve a full refund (noting the exclusions, below), less shipping.

Please note that Prometheus watches are large, in the 42mm to 47mm diameter range, and steel watches of this size are heavy. If you are not certain that you will be comfortable wearing a large watch, please try one with similar size at a local watch retailer. Many customers with small wrists, are very comfortable with our large, heavy watches.

Exclusions – If the watch has been worn or the band has been sized, a minimum 30% deduction will be made from the amount

Disclaimer – Our Authorized Dealers may have different buying, examination and return policies. Please contact them directly.

Note: If you live in European Union you are liable for VAT tax and tax is added to price of watch. If you live in Rest of World we do not collect any taxes from you though they can be collected by your country’s tax office once watch arrives your country.

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