How to remove screws from prometheus sailfish bracelet

Just a friendly word of caution about changing the strap on your brand new Prometheus Sailfish. The lug screws and bracelet screws have been secured in place using a tiny amount of Loctite on the threads, so please read the information below carefully before you proceed:

PLEASE – Only attempt to unscrew the lugs if you know what you are doing and are confident you wont slip and scratch or damage the watch

If you are at all hesitant in doing it yourself, then STOP! Take it to a local watch repair shop, let them know that the threads have been glued for security, and ask them to do it for you. They have the right tools for the job.

Remember, the screw threads have been glued with a very small amount of Loctite 603 to make sure they stay tightened and do not unscrew accidentally. Even though it is a very small amount, it is very strong, so:

  • Before attempting to unscrewing them for the first time, use a hair dryer to blow some hot air on the screws in order to loosen the Loctite glue slightly. WD-40 oil is also a good alternative to the heating method. Just make sure no oil reaches the bezel in order not to damage sapphire insert


  • After you’ve heated the threads or applied WD40 oil to screw threads please use a quality screw driver for the bracelet and two screw drivers for the lug screws and apply some gentle force in order to break glue


  • If, after changing the straps, you want to make sure the screws stay firmly tightened once more, reapply a tiny amount of Loctite 603 on the threads while screwing them back together (only a very small quantity is necessary)

It’s a common practice to use some sort of thread locking glue, so this may not be a surprise to many of you. But for those of you that are NOT familiar with this we wanted to warn you so that you don’t try and force the screws and potentially damage them or the watch case doing so.

In image below we can see were the WD-40 oil or similar type of oil has to be applied in order to assist removing screws.

How to remove screws from prometheus sailfish bracelet
How to remove screws from prometheus sailfish bracelet

This video at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP5BQtPZbgA has a tutorial for a watch with a similar setting.

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