Technologies of all kinds keep advancing over the years, especially timepieces. We have come all the way from a large brass or iron pendulum type of time piece that was worn around a persons’ neck to a solar powered watch. Some of the watches that still stay current are men’s automatic watches and quartz watches. Quartz watches are larger in popularity compared to automatic watches; this is because of their accuracy and low maintenance issues. However, automatic watches feature a mechanical movement which is extremely convenient.

The history of men’s automatic watches, also known as self winding watches, all started many years ago. It was all started by John Harwood, an English watch maker/designer, in the early 1920’s but, with the Great Depression only a few years away after the first automatic watch models were for sale for a few years the company collapsed. Later, however, the automatic watches came back in full force and have stayed that way ever since.

The history of quartz powered watches started with some initial designs in the 1960s. This designs later on became more popular than automatic and wind up mechanical watches in sales. The reason why is due to the fact they were more precise. The way they operate is by having a crystal that suffers an electric pertubance that that sends then electronic impulses to a tuning fork that vibrates inside of the watch giving it power. However, men’s automatic watches have the advantage of not needing a battery. This saves not only money but the time; you do need to have it serviced every five years to keep it in good condition.

Therefore, even though quartz watches are more popular now, they still do not have the history of the men’s automatic watches. Automatic watches existed already for abount 40 years before the first quartz watch was produced, and even now they are still being bought by many people. A lot of the reason being that they do not need a battery and they have a long history in the world of time pieces.

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