Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic Men's Watch

Prometheus is best known as being a Greek Titan who also was a benefactor of mankind. He was the one who gave fire to mankind. He did this by defying Zeus, who didn’t want humans to have any sort of power. He took some of the fire that came from Zeus’ lighting and gave it to man, he stole other powers as well from Athena and Hephaestus. Which then named him as a trickster god, along with the god Hermes? Hermes is known to have discovered how to produce fire, but both have claim on the gift of fire. When Zeus became aware Prometheus was severely punished for his actions. Even, though, this is the most popular story of Prometheus, Prometheus also happens to be a type of watch brand that makes automatic men’s watches.

Prometheus Watch Company makes automatic men’s watches, most popular for their ocean diver collection. The company was created by Carlos Carvalho, in Portugal. Mr. Carvalho first became interested with watches when he was a kid, and later in his life had a dream of starting his own watch brand. It took some time for him to start this idea, but through a lot of reading and much determination he finally started his dream of owning his very own watch brand.

Prometheus CR1 Automatic Chronograph Men's Watch
Prometheus CR1 Automatic Chronograph Men’s Watch
Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic Men's Watch
Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic Men’s Watch

The company was established in 2008. The first watch they ever created was the Prometheus CR1 followed up by the Prometheus Ocean Diver Automatic. The Prometheus Ocean Diver watch was not just unique but also affordable. Mr. Carvalho decided on making this watch by trying to find a watch that people who bought it could consider to see this as a personal watch that was partly their own creation. With that in mind, he decided the way to decide on an automatic men’s watch was to have a competition, to see who and what the best design would be. Brian Green won by thinking up the design of the Ocean Diver Automatic.

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