When you have a watch for a long time it begins to wear down and become nothing more than a waste of space. Some people like to keep things for sentimental reasons, however there are many who would like to sell their used watches. The watch would be recycled for free if you think that is what would be the best idea. You could also take it to jewelry store or pawn shop to sell it to get some extra money in your pocket while still having used the watch for a long time. You can also sell your old watch online.

Two of the most popular websites that people go to for selling items is Craigslist and eBay, these two websites allow you to privately sell online watches. EBay will allow you to auction off the item you want to get rid of or you can choose to set a price for the watch. Craigslist will have you make a price you would like to get for the watch. Craigslist is a local site more than anything else, unlike eBay who’s website is made for everyone to look at the items. You are actually better off to sell your watch to someone in your local area because the shipping costs will not be as high. Whereas with eBay there is an international community of people who are wanting to buy and sell product, this can tend to be very expensive if you have to ship to another country.

Another place you can sell your old and used watches is to go to the Global Watch Market. This market is exclusively for selling watches so you will not have to worry about people not wanting to buy a watch, instead that is just what people are looking for. They allow you to list one online watch with a photo for free, and they don’t collect any commission from the sale. The money you make is all yours.

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