With green energy on the rise, a lot of things are going to be solar or wind powered. There are men’s watches solar powered adding up to the existing green energy ones (automatic and manual-wound watches). These solar powered watches extract their power from light by usage of solar cells. This watch is equipped with a solar cell that converts light energy into electrical energy. The energy that is generated from light to the solar cell is then stored in the rechargeable battery to power the watch. A watch that is powered by solar energy can generate power not only from the sun, but also through fluorescent lights and even slight rays of light.

Solar energy comes to earth at from the sun that is 150 million kilometers away; this is then converted over to electrical energy. In one hour of solar energy being received, it is said that it is equivalent to the sum of an entire year’s worth of energy consumption across the world. Using solar energy is something that the world is trying to do to utilize a resource that we have, light energy, and making into an energy source that we need like electrical energy. Electrical energy will help to power a lot of things like buildings lighting, air conditioners, pool heaters, and even the small things like a watch.

With solar energy it emits no pollutants, no oscillation or noise because solar energy has no moving parts. It is a clean energy transferring method. The solar cells use the photovoltaic effect in semiconductors to covert the light into electricity. The solar cells are devices that generate power. Solar cells use silicon or other compounds the semiconductor materials. Silicon is the most popular semiconductor, it comes in many forms: single-crystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous. Amorphous silicon can generate electrical power very well by absorbing every slightest light source, even a lamp light as well as sunlight.

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