How to remove screws from prometheus sailfish bracelet

How to change bracelet / remove links of the Prometheus Sailfish

Just a friendly word of caution about changing the strap on your brand new Prometheus Sailfish. The lug screws and bracelet screws have been secured in place using a tiny amount of Loctite on the threads, so please read the information below carefully before you proceed: PLEASE – Only attempt to unscrew the lugs if […]

Prometheus Sailfish Photos Taken at Factory During Assembly

Factory has just taken some photos of the Prometheus Sailfish during assembly and QC check. Photos do not do it justice but we can already have an idea on how watches look like. Photo of the entire Prometheus Sailfish collection with the four different color combinations: blue dial/blue bezel, black dial/black bezel, yellow dial/black bezel, […]

Prometheus Sailfish Prototype Blue Dial

Prometheus Sailfish – Prototype Photos

November 2013 Update: The Prometheus Sailfish is now Available for Purchase at our Store We have just received the prototypes of the Prometheus Sailfish. We are overly pleased with results with some minor details to be sorted prior to mass production. Namely the bracelet end link is still not OK and has to be improved […]

Prometheus Sailfish Automatic Diver Watch Tecnhnical Drawing

Technical Drawing of the Prometheus Sailfish Automatic Diver Watch

We have just finished and approved the technical drawings of the Prometheus Sailfish Automatic Diver Watch. If you are interested pre-ordering the Prometheus Sailfish Automatic Diver Watch you can find more details at this link.

The Prometheus Sailfish is the latest automatic diver watch collection of Prometheus Watch Company and pays a tribute to the Sailfish the fastest living sea creature in the world with recorded speeds of up to 110 Km/h / 68mph. The design of the Prometheus Sailfish is inspired in designs that have now more than 70 years old as the Longines HS watch worn by British forces during Second World War and the iconic Blancpain 50 Fathoms launched in the 1950s for frogmen of the French army. The Prometheus Sailfish is powered by a Seiko Time Module NH36/4R36 movement carrying with it a long history of tradition and precision by Seiko Corporation. The movement can be manually wound, hacks, has 24 jewels and beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour or 3 Hz.

3D Renders of the Upcoming Prometheus Sailfish Automatic Diver Watch

Pre-order of the Prometheus Sailfish Automatic Diver Watch with sapphire bezel is open to all interested. We would like to share with you the 3D renders of the upcoming Prometheus Sailfish Automatic Diver Watch available in four colours: black, blue, grey and yellow. Prometheus Saifish Automatic Diver Watch with Sapphire Bezel Pre-Order Price (valid till prototype […]