Prometheus Sailfish Photos Taken at Factory During Assembly

Factory has just taken some photos of the Prometheus Sailfish during assembly and QC check. Photos do not do it justice but we can already have an idea on how watches look like. Photo of the entire Prometheus Sailfish collection with the four different color combinations: blue dial/blue bezel, black dial/black bezel, yellow dial/black bezel, […]

A Good Mens Watch Can Boost Your Ego

If you have been feeling down in the dumps and have been looking for something to cheer yourself up then maybe its time to find a really good mens watch. Buying yourself something to make yourself look and feel good can be a real ego boost and might have you feeling better about yourself in […]

Looking After an Expensive Mens Watch

If you have recently spent a large amount of money on a good quality mens watch then you might be interested to know how to look after your prized possession. Different types of watches may need more maintenance than others and it is always a good idea to get some tips from the dealer where […]

A Good Mens Watch as an Heirloom

A good mens watch is more than a simple accessory. If you buy something that is worth a lot of money then it could last a lot longer than one life time. A watch can also be an heirloom and your grandchildren can one day show their own children the watch they received from you. […]

Buying a Good Mens Watch for a Discounted Price

Finding a great mens watch can be expensive business and this is what makes buying a discounted watch so appealing. Finding great quality goods for a cheaper rate can have you owning some great items at a fraction of the price. There are many places where you can buy a good quality mens watch at […]

A Mens Watch to Suit Your New Look

If you have become tired of your look and you are thinking of changing your style then you might want to consider getting a great mens watch. They are the perfect accessory and they say a lot about any man. A good watch can change the way you think about yourself and it is the […]