Measuring time is dated back centuries ago; the art of measuring time is call horology. The art of measuring time has always been associated with timepieces such as watches. There are over 100 parts in a typical watch. For a watch to work, there is a set of precise mechanical pieces and transferable energy. There are 3 main parts to a men’s automatic watch: the mainspring, balance wheel, and gear train.

The main source behind the motive power of a men’s automatic watch is the mainspring. Motive power is what makes the hands on the watch turn so it can thus tell the time. The mainspring is just a small thin spring made of hardened steel that is turned by turning the crown that is on the side part of the watch face. The motion power comes from turning the crown. The crown is the piece of the watch that is a small knob that you can set the time with. Rotating the crown enery is passed into the mainspring. From this energy gets stored into the mainspring where it is used to make the mechanisms in the was run.

In order for the watch to keep time there has to be a balance wheel. The balance wheel is weighted to the inside of the watch and rotates back and forth allowing the gears to advance with each rotation of the wheel. This rotation moves the hands on the watch. A balance wheel is made of metal alloy and used in self-powered time pieces.

The gear train is the 3rd main part of the time piece, this is needed to transfer the energy that goes from the mainspring to the balance wheel. The gear train makes the mainspring rotate faster which then helps it to store energy. The gear train operates other parts as well, it activates other wheels that work on the revolutions per second, minute, and hour.

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