There are several different types and sizes of watch batteries, some batteries are known as watch batteries when in fact they are used for other things like hearing aids because they resemble a watch battery. More varieties of men’s automatic batteries for watches have been developed in recent years because of an environmental concern of mercury being in the batteries, and therefore mercury containing batteries are banned.

The reason a battery is considered a watch battery is because of its construction, watch batteries are made to fit into strict parameters to minimize the possibility of a leak inside the watch. The amount of energy that a appliance or mechanism receives from a better depends on the chemistry inside of the cell, the amount of that chemistry, and the temperate around the area of the appliance. On top of those conditions, different watch batteries serve only a certain criteria of mechanisms. An example is when watches require a low current for a long time, while others may need a constant voltage of a higher rate.

The different types of batteries that are used or were used consist of the following:

  • Mercury Batteries
  • Silver Oxide Batteries
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Zinc Air Batteries

In order for a battery to function efficiently you have to check your batteries. Depending on the watch you have even if you do have a dead battery you will not know or it may make the watch run slower. Mechanical watches will not run slow but instead be inaccurate in the time because they are moving the seconds forward every two seconds or more instead of one. Digital watches do not run slow when the battery is dying, they will remain at the same time until the battery is completely dead. Some watches have a monitor that displays when the battery is low so you can replace it, quartz watches are equipped with mechanisms inside that will tell you ahead of time if your battery is running low.

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