Thank you and congratulations on your recent purchase of a Prometheus Watch Company watch.

Your new watch has been developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.
Prometheus Watch Company guarantees your watch will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for two years
from the date of purchase.

During this two-years period, Prometheus Watch will repair or replace the watch with same
model or similar one at our discretion, and at no cost to you apart from shipping to our facilities.

The warranty does not cover damages resulting from misuses,accidents, unauthorized repairs, normal wear of strap,
scratches, improper use, etc.

Issues during Warranty Period
If you have any problem with your watch during warranty period please log a ticket in our issues tracking system OsTicket. We will look at issues logged and provide a solution if covered by warranty

Although the watch is manufactured to the highest quality standards, the wearer should still take great care of the watch.
Please take note of the following:

Since your watch is a mechanical watch it will be adversely affected by strong magnetism. Keep it away from close contact
with magnetic objects.

Be careful not to expose your watch to solvents or liquids such as alcohol, gasoline, mercury, detergents, cosmetic
spray, adhesives, and paints. Otherwise watch case, straps, etc. may become discolored or permanently damaged.

Light activities will not damage your watch but be careful not to drop or it your watch against hard surfaces or objects such as
rocks, tables,… etc. or expose it in excessive heat as all this may cause damages to crystal, movement, case.

To prevent possible rusting of case, caseback and bracelet caused by dust, moisture and perspiration cleanse your watch
periodically with a soft dry cloth. If the watch has protective film or sticker on the crystal or caseback be sure to peel them
off to prevent unnecessary stains due to perspiration or dust.

If the watch will not be used for a long time and it is an automatic series it is advisable to keep it running by putting it
in an automatic winder to prevent the lubricating oil from “pooling” which may affect timekeeping, accuracy and possibly
wear out components inside movement prematurely.
Taking good care of your watch will lengthen the life-span of it.